How your brain affect your productivity and success

controlling your negative thoughts

How do some people manage to stay positive?

There are often times we read about the success stories of others who have or claim to have made it big. 

What is significant about most of these stories are that almost all of the success stories focus on the individual's failures before achieving success.

So we ask yourself the question "What made them keep trying after all that?". The answer is simple, a failure is just an experience and once it is over it is time for the next experience. 

Life is basically a chain of experiences and whether it is positive or negative is up to the one going through the experience.

Some people just have the ability to look at negative experiences from a different angle than the next person. 

The same experience viewed by two parties can have both positive or negative labels attached to it depending on the mindset of the individuals. 

The way experiences are processed depends on the way your brain allocate these memories.

I am honest when I say that I am not an expert on brain functions but based on research it has to do with the way The Prefrontal Cortex, Inferior Frontal Gyrus and The Limbic System process these experiences. 

In layman's terms, it comes down to having a negative experience but turns it into a lesson learned through positive thinking.

So how does my productivity get affected?

Not being able to do the same will have a direct influence on your productivity and eventually on your level of success. In most cases the brain will convince you that:
  • You have done something wrong
  • You will never get anything done correctly again
  • Everybody is aware that you failed
  • Other people's opinions of you will change
  • Another person would have succeeded in the same task
  • You do not have the skills to succeed
  • You should not attempt something similar again

What are the consequences of negative thinking?

By generating these negative thoughts your productivity will sink to new levels. A mind full of negativity will:
  • Affect your ability to make practical decisions
  • Slow down your performance because of extended thought periods before action
  • Increase your inability to plan ahead
  • Affect the performance of your team
  • Prevent your personal growth and therefore prevent you from being successful

How do I overcome negative thinking?

By changing the way you think. See failures as exactly what it is, a temporary setback allowing you to realign plans, correcting what needs to bring you closer to your goals. 

This might be difficult as there will always be someone to remind you of your so-called failures.
  • Distance yourself from negative people like that and treat them with the ignorance they deserve. 
  • Focus your energy on maintaining your productivity levels and believe in yourself to achieve success through positive action.

It is ok to fail. We live in a society filled with failures and negative experiences. The only thing that keeps most people motivated is the power of the mind. 

Allow your mind the freedom of generating positive thoughts by identifying only the positives in bad experiences. 

Easier said than done but what difference will it make if bad experiences are left behind quickly in order to start your next adventure?

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