Would you like to increase your business productivity? Here's how

better productivity
A. Increase your own work productivity

  • Have a good plan of organizational goals to achieve and how you intend to get there.
  • Cut down on time wasters such as e-mails, telephones and idle chatter.
  • Plan each task for the next day beforehand and stick to it.
  • Do simple tasks immediately to avoid work build up that will waste time later.
  • Keep things simple and focused.
  • Don’t attempt tasks that you know will have no effect on achieving your goals.

B. Increase employee productivity

  • Ensure that the right tools are provided to perform tasks efficiently.
  • Eliminate mindless or inefficient tasks.
  • Provide non-interruptible breaks to encourage social interaction.
  • Educate staff on social media and telephone use rather than restricting it.
  • Reward and communicate good performance.
  • Allocate tasks outside of the normal scope of staff members work area to break the monotony.
  • Train employees even on the most menial of tasks.

C. Improve the use of technology

  • Improving technology does not mean having employees connected 24/7 to the business. Keep business as business and own time as own time.
  • Keep technology simple, user-friendly and applicable to the task it is required for. Overkill can have a negative effect on productivity.
  • Analyze each process and determine how technology can improve the efficiency of performing specific tasks.
  • Use technology in automated measurement and reporting of performance.

D. Improve business processes

  • Identify and eliminate time wasting tasks that do not benefit the efficiency of a process or the cost of maintaining a task is not worth the value extracted from it.
  • Take it slow and identify one process at a time to improve and wait until it is perfected until you attempt another process. Trying to do everything at the same time will guarantee the failure of nearly all.
  • Set realistic standards for each process and do a continuous measurement of results. Measure in percentages and remember everything can be measured.
  • Benchmark your business against industry leaders and best practices to ensure continuous improvement. Don’t clone but adapt to suit your needs.
Question: How would you get an instant increase in productivity?

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