Set Deadlines to Increase Productivity

importance of deadlines

Why did we not meet our deadline?

Often plans are laid in concrete, the employees are motivated and task accountability is refined. So what can go wrong? 

A common mistake most managers that run a project or issue a task is believing that the employees know what to do and will act responsibly by focusing on achieving an outcome on their own. 

This is true in some cases but where there are a group of people involved you will always find at least one who will not follow the group.

What is the most common reason that tasks will fail? 

No Deadlines set is the most common reason for failure. 

There is no pressure as the task was left open-ended and no expectation placed on the team. 

It is human nature that if something doesn't need to be done right away it probably won't be done. 

Not having deadlines set for tasks to reduce the necessity of the task and other "more" important tasks will always be given preference.

Maybe we should start changing our deadlines into expiry dates to invoke the action we need. Imagine losing part of your bonus if you go past the expiry date?

What can deadlines do for me?

Setting a deadline will highlight the importance of your tasks and get things done on time. 

It forces employees to become more productive in order to make time for the task. 

Tasks with deadlines get done quicker as employees want it out of the way without getting pressurized. 

Where tasks are part of a team project the employee will complete his task in time in order not to be the one who "sunk" the project.


So many daily activities are pushed aside because it has no priority level assigned to it. If a deadline cannot be set for a task you must consider if it is worth doing at all. 

Question: How do you set a reasonable deadline?

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