7 Ways Project Management can help your Organization

Project Management

Project Management investigated

Are you looking at investing in project management software but you do not know how it can benefit your current work processes?

Before you find yourself spending money unnecessary you must establish what you want it to do for you. A bit of reverse engineering must be done to start at the outcomes you desire and work back.

Doing your homework first will ensure that you get an application that works for you without overspending and going for overkill.

The purpose of Project Management software

In order for us to understand how new project management software can help us achieve our goals, it is important to know what's the benefits of having it.

Here are a few benefits the software will give you in a busy schedule.

  • To enable and make team collaboration easier. It enforces teamwork in a subtle way.
  • It develops and creates communication channels between different parties to ensure everybody is always aware of the actions taken.
  • It helps to control the available budget by aligning it to activity.
  • Makes time management easier by keeping track of tasks and completions.
  • Sharing of resources such as information and documentation makes it easier for all team members to remain informed and up to date.
  • Offers the ability to allow 3rd parties access to information in order to make them feel part of the team.
  • Offers tools that will assist with decision making.
  • Due to the structured control, the software offers you will be more focused and achieve more end goals with success.

Project software for serious leaders

How will Project Management software benefit me?

If you operate a business where projects and team tasks are common then there are at least 7 ways to find benefit for you as a leader as well as your work team.

When it comes to projects and tasks where a couple of people are involved we cannot deny the endless benefits of this type of software.

  1. Saving time by the close monitoring and focus on executing tasks according to plan. This software is the greatest time management tool any leader can wish for.
  2. The sharing of information and documentation helps to keep work standards and processes common to all team members.
  3. Costs are controlled in real time and by being pro-active losses are minimized.
  4. As a team effort, the task of collaboration and working as one team becomes easier as all of you are on the same page.
  5. History is retained within the system and repetitive tasks with their outcomes are accessible for future planning.
  6. The software is easy to use and user-friendly which allows any level of your organization to be part of the team with very little training.
  7. The biggest advantage is the focus placed on tasks which will end in higher productivity of your team eliminating time wasting.
Very soon you will find that life is not the same without your software application and the team will struggle to maintain their effectiveness without the assistance they get from it.


If it is cost savings, productivity and efficiency you are striving for a little assistance from Project Management Software can go a long way.

Your team can do with the support and as their leader, you can make the difference.

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Develop your skills

Stepping up from the team into management

Taking charge of your friends

Are you finding it difficult to take charge of your teammates?

For some, there is nothing more difficult than to take charge of those who were their equals all along especially if it is unexpected.

Do you find it difficult to step up from being a team member to managing the team?

You worked hard all your life and then eventually you get the opportunity to move into management but can you make that important step all by yourself?

Congratulations you have taken the next step in your career. 

Are you ready to take charge?

At this stage of your life, it is obvious that somebody has recognized certain skills that you possess in order to become a manager and a leader of the team.

Taking the step up also does not come from being idle and you must have done something right to deserve this.

Never doubt yourself is all it takes is a bit of guidance and how to apply the laws of management instead of just taking instruction.

Some of us are fortunate and have a role model within the organization who will take care of guiding us through this transition.

But before you even switch roles know this - You worked for it and deserve it so whoever cannot accept this - tough for them.

Switching gears in life

From now on you need to switch gears as it is all performance based and whatever you do will be scrutinized from both top and bottom levels of the organization.

It is important that your mental state is switched on to perform and to take ownership of your actions. Taking on the new responsibility must be a challenge that you are willing to take head-on. 

Your strong mind and energy are what will motivate former team members to follow and assist you in achieving common goals. If not, it is time to decide if you need friends like that.

Friends, you have who cannot accept your success will have to be left behind as their negativity will influence your decision making as a leader.

Recognizing the friends that surround you

It is time that you recognize the friends in your friendship circle as individuals by aligning yourself with those that have positive energy.

The common friendship types you will find in the workplace are:

  • Those with mutual social interests
  • People with the same business aspirations
  • Friends who like to have you around for their own benefit
  • People who look up to you as a natural leader
  • Not uncommon these days are friends who are related by family association

Picking your real friends from the crowd is easier than you think if you focus on what is best for you.

Those with only mutual social interest is not friends but work colleagues. Everyone surrounding you will have some common interest but it does not make you lifelong friends.

It is good to have friends with the same business aspirations as it will keep you motivated and focused on what you want in life for yourself. 

Don't take these friends as competition but rather remain close as these type of friends will normally end up successful together in the long run.

There are many friends in your circle who will have you only for their own benefit. Either for the sake of having someone to control or to mask their own inefficiencies. Dump them right now its baggage you don't need.

The people who already look up to you as a leader will remain with you but as work colleagues and not really friends. Friendship might develop if you prove to be a good leader and develop those around you into leaders themselves. Take them on your journey to success.

Finally, if you are unlucky you might have family or friends of the family working with you. They must remain just that in the work environment and if they don't come to terms with that they will move on soon.


To get out of the "worker groove" into leadership we must understand that we are doing it for ourselves and not for anyone else.

Your success will affect more people in the long term as a leader but not so much if you are too scared to take the leap.

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develop your management skills

Practical Leadership Skills you will need to build a winning team

Insufficient Leadership Skills?

Most of us feel that we can be more effective leaders to our team and often get lost not knowing what to do.

Targets are not met and goals seem to be out of reach but what is most disheartening is the fact that the harder you try the worst you get.

Why is it that you don't catch up with all the nitty-gritty of having a highly successful and effective team to surround you?

We all have been there when it just feels like you do not have the leadership qualities to be a good leader.

Are you in the wrong job? Maybe, but it is possible to get out of the rut by being determined to succeed.

How to get more efficient as a leader

Leadership skills and leadership style are two main things you will have to develop in order to become the leader you want to be.

By now you understand the importance of leadership skills and the need for continuous leadership development in business. It is also important to know that the leadership skills you have will greatly determine the leadership style you will adopt throughout your career. 

It is difficult to change your style but is possible to learn how to apply various leadership styles to certain situations as needed.
There are various leadership styles but what works for one person might not be suitable for someone else. Organizations also differ from each other and circumstances might require a different style of leadership. 

For example, a leader who runs with an efficient team will need to be less autocratic than someone who has a newly established team.

To become more efficient it is important that you immediately start to develop the skills you do not have. 

In today's world, it is easy as we have access to the web and an unlimited supply of information and online courses. 

There is no excuse to be an ineffective or poor leader.

What are the important skills of an effective leader?

The true leader will have skills that can be placed into two categories.

Interpersonal Skills

These are the skills that applied to build relationships with your team members or can be seen as social skills such as:


Although you are a team it is necessary for the leader to treat people as individuals as well. No two persons have the same needs and experiences.

A good leader will know how to allow people room to move in. It is important for the morale and motivation of the team to make errors and allow the growth of individuals.

In other words, a good leader knows his team and their needs.

Being a leader does not automatically grants you the right to trust although many think so and that put them into the "Boss" zone.

Individuals in your team must trust that what they hear and see is what they get. This means that the leader must be honest and consistent in the execution of daily activities and also ensure that promises are delivered on.


The same goes for respect as it does with trust. You cannot demand respect. It will come itself by you being respectful to others and they will return the respect.

Not having the respect of your team will impact negatively on team performance.


The leader must be willing to reward where it is applicable. 

Being generous doesn't need to be of monetary value but a real leader will know the needs of his individual team members and reward them accordingly.


As a team, it is necessary that all of you share the same experiences. 

Leaders who spend time with their team will understand the dynamics of their teams better than those who prefer to be separated from all team activities.

Operational Skills


Probably the biggest management skill a leader can possess if the end purpose of communication is understood. 

What is communicated must be useful to the team or it will damage motivation and morale. 

Too many leaders jabber away at their employees on negative issues and the real issue gets lost very easily. If you can't say something positive - SHUT UP!!!

By developing your communication skills it is possible to raise negative issues in a positive way and in a way that turning it around will have a positive outcome for the team.

There are many online communication courses that can help you define positive communication. This can also benefit you in your personal life.

Another important part of communication is the listening part. Good leaders listen more than they talk and my favorite leadership quote is:

"If you don't allow your employees to speak you will soon be surrounded by people who have nothing to say"

Team Building

It is important that as a leader you have the skills to build a team that will support you 100% and a team that can recognize and trust you to lead them well.

As a leader, you must recruit in the right place, select good people who fulfill your requirements, train them, measure them and motivate them to succeed.

Motivating your team is important as it will encourage innovation and self-development.

Organizational Culture

A leader must have the right skills to develop a positive and lively culture for the organization. Nobody wants to work for a boring deadbeat or a failing entity.

Leaders encourage people to be positive and perform to their best ability and beyond in order to be part of a recognizable company.

Your skills as a leader must be to encourage, develop, reward and promote high performance.

Business Skills

Finally, a leader must have the business acumen to determine team performance against goals. If the business does not make a profit the leader and his team have failed.

Performance encourages growth and opportunities for all employees and customers alike. 

Decision making is also another business skill that a leader should have in order to guide people in the right direction to achieve goals. Having a healthy business and efficient team makes decision making easier.


There are hundreds of skills you can teach yourself in order to become a better leader. 

Above is just a few and I suggest you follow one or more of the leadership courses I suggest below. It will give you the edge and encouragement to succeed as a leader.

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develop leadership skills