What is the purpose of a Project Management process in an organization?

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Does your development have an impact on productivity?

If you are managing large organizations where there are many side projects going on at the same time it can impact on your day to day productivity. So much of you and your team's attention is diverted to new developments that you are losing track of day to day matters that keep the wheels turning.

Individuals are caught up in new responsibilities and priorities which in turn can impact on the rest of their team and the internal processes they have to maintain. Those who are not directly involved are left unchecked in order to make time to focus on new projects.

Managing projects poorly is a cost to the organization

We all know that losing focus on the daily processes in the organization is costly to the company and so it also impacts on future developments. It is a bit like building a new bridge over the river while you let the roads connecting to it deteriorate to the extent that the bridge does not matter in the end.

Going through the whole process of starting and driving a new project with the purpose of getting to the organization's end goal is costly and you have to ensure that at the end of the day you get a return on the money invested.

We have also learned by now learned that productivity and teamwork is key to our operating costs. It is therefore important to maintain the status quo while improving and developing your operations into a successful state.

The reasons for implementing a controlled Project Management process

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This is where Project Management comes in to save your day by getting a more organized development process in place. There are three basic reasons why projects are managed and these are:
  • To plan the whole process in detail step by step from initiation to completion
  • To organize people, time and resources in a manner that will guarantee completion with the desired outcome
  • Control activities by foreseeing obstacles and risks that can delay completion
Project Management is all about risk control and although it will always be part of any project where there are many team players involved having the right PM Software will limit the risk.

The Purpose of Project Management

The main purposes of managing a project are to have some sort of control over each step in the project's progression. These include:
  • Being able to have some structure in how the project is planned
  • Create scenarios where the team can identify real problems
  • Defining the objectives of what the project is all about
  • Determine and verify the overall scope of the project
  • Identify who the various stakeholders are for each step of the process
  • To enable the Project Manager to have the ability of real-time monitoring
  • Provide some sort of control over desired outcomes needed
  • Allow you to evaluate the performance and outcomes of each step
There are many situations where a project is of such a scale that it cannot be done without Project Management Software. Looking at the purposes of project management we can see that it is essential to be aware of what is taking place each step of the way or certain key actions might be overlooked. 

One miss and it might impact on the overall project outcome at a later stage.


The success of a project depends greatly on the amount of control there is regarding the efforts and input that goes into it. To enable consistency it is wise to have good Project Management software to assist in the management process.

Question: What is the most important benefit of Project Management Software for you?

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