Creating sales to boost productivity

eBook on selling

How to sell anything to anyone

An eBook directed at the salesman in you. Learn the finer points of changing leads into sales. In order for an organisation to survive changing times and industry challenges, they must ensure their sales game is up to par with the rest of the opposition.

46 Pages - $1.99


Chapter 1:
The 7 Basic Requirements to Sell Anything to Anyone
Chapter 2:
The First Requirement – Sell Yourself, Use a Great Story
Chapter 3:
The Second Requirement – Creating the Undeniable Need
Chapter 4:
The Third Requirement – Stamping Your Authority
Chapter 5:
The Fourth Requirement – Creating the Sense of Urgency
Chapter 6:
The Fifth Requirement – Making Them Accountable with Free Gifts
Chapter 7:
The Sixth Requirement – Making a Commitment
Chapter 8:
The Seventh Requirement – Keeping the Interest Factor Alive
Chapter 9:
What You Can Sell and What You Cannot – Some Taboos
Chapter 10:
Quest to Become Perfect in the Art of Salesmanship

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The importance of team development

What is team development?

When it comes to employee development there is nothing more important than the communication between the employee and his manager. For this development process to be successful there need to be a two-way and a healthy relationship between the manager and his employee.

This is not a process of instruction and execution but rather a process where decisions and goals are set and achieved together as a team. Once this development process starts the manager and his employee becomes the team.

To start this process clear objectives must be set which is based on organisational goals and personal achievement. The development of an employee must be done for a reason and it must be made clear in the beginning what the expected outcome will be. Not doing this will put both the employee and his manager on a wild goose chase which will result in wasted time and energy.

Why will my employees need development? 

Most of the time the new employee will need development that will make him a bigger asset for the organisation. It will also benefit the manager as each individual contributes to the overall team effort of the people that he is leading.

Doing continuous development of individuals in a team ensure that there is a bond between team members and their manager.

At the end of the day, it is the overall goal of the organisation that counts and having a well developed and structured team reporting to you will make it so much easier to achieve these goals.

With the ever changing working experience today it is important that employees remain skilful, knowledgeable and up-to-date with the work environment. It is therefore important for the manager to identify areas where the need for development becomes essential. The earlier these areas can be detected the more successful the development process will be.

For you to have a well-developed team of skilled employees it will be to necessary to have a full development program in place.

This development process must include: 

  • Mentoring 
  • On the job training 
  • Personal external studies 
  • Taking part in cross-functional team projects 
  • Applying of newly found skills in the workplace 
  • eLearning programmes 
  • Facilitator on internal projects 
  • Attending job specific workshops 

What difference does team development make?

Many organisations will see these activities as an unnecessary cost to the company. These are the same organisations that wonder what went wrong when their goals are not achieved as expected. It is very easy to spot these organisations as you will see that they are trying to operate with fractured teams who have no direction in what their end goals are.

On the other hand, you will immediately see that an organisation who put the effort in to develop their team will always be a leader in their field of expertise. Their employees will always be more motivated and determined to achieve company goals. The cost of developing your employees will be priceless as you reap the reward on a continuous basis. 

The Power of Positive Thinking

How can you benefit from positive thinking?
The Power of Positive Thinking

A short book on how to handle frustrating moments and turn bad predicaments into a positive environment. It also helps to highlight the importance of remaining positive and focused. 
17 Pages  Price $0.99 



What is positive thinking?
Looking at it from a child's view.
How is positive thinking powerful?
Positive thinking and body language.
Positive thinking's biggest threat.
Putting the power of positive thinking in your life.
The impact of positive thinking.
The power of positive thinking at work.