How to manage productive team projects

Productivity Management

Who runs this project?

You the manager and it is your duty to make sure that all deadlines are kept when you involve your staff in projects. It can be really annoying when a manager does not take leadership in projects that he initiated.

It is therefore very important for you to ensure that you follow certain rules to be successful. Here are a few pointers that can help you to achieve this:

  • To start off you have to create a plan with goals that will keep you on track during your project. 
  • Do it right first time as projects will be delayed when things are not done right and need to be redone. 
  • Stay organized otherwise you will spend more time on time wasters such as looking for unimportant things. 
  • Create milestones that will help you keep track of your progress and will also give your team a sense of achievement when reaching these milestones. 
  • Organise your team according to their strength and skills that you will require when performing specific tasks. 
  • Put your goals down on paper and make sure all team members get a copy so that all of them can keep track of your progress. 
  • Make sure that all team members know what is expected of them and how they are required to perform. 
  • Set up communication guidelines and monitor this while the project is in progress. This will include frequency, medium to be used and where necessary format to be applied. 
  • Delicate tasks within the project in such a way that none of the team members is overburdened and others underutilized. This will ensure that your project has an equal contribution from all members. 

Preventing failure

Remember as you are the leader of the project and also the manager you have to cut your employees through the process. Do not be late for meetings and do not postpone meetings without good cause.

Also, do not offer what you can't deliver. If it is not realistic then don't do it or it will be just another time wasting effort which will delay your project or negatively impact on the outcome.

The last word for you is "Don't lose interest and bump the project off to someone else. You started it and you must finish it."

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