4 Team Leadership Skills you will need to succeed

Self development skills

Getting authority does not replace leadership skills

Leadership skills are not something that you are born with. 

Yes, you might be born with charisma or a certain skill for leading people but it does not mean you will be successful or even enjoy it.

So many people in leadership roles only benefit from the authority they have been awarded but when it comes to exercising leadership they fail badly and consistently.

This is because they have not given themselves the opportunity to fully develop their leadership skills where they are lacking. 

This is called complacency or in most cases, they just go into the role of exercising the authority principle.

In other words, they become bosses and not leaders.

The leadership cycle

Entering a situation where you have to step up and take charge of individuals in the workplace can be overwhelming if you are not ready for it.

It is not the end of the world. Look around and notice how many incompetent leaders you are surrounded by and you will feel better.

Your main objective must now be to become a better leader than those that surround you.
This you can do by observing the behavior of real leaders and not people perceived by the mainstream to be good leaders.

There are some leadership skills you will need to start with if you want to be successful. Remember skills are only skills and can be learned the same as every other skill you have acquired in your lifetime.

Leadership skills you will need to survive

Business skills

Although business skills also incorporate all other skills I am aiming here more at the ability to make your organization financially stable and also be able to read market strategies.

A good leader has to know what is happening around the industry in order to remain competitive and grow the business so the team as a whole can benefit over the long term.

In other words, a good leader will know how to make money and turn it around into more money so everyone can benefit.

Communication skills

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A leader must know how to bring across a message in a positive way so that the team remains motivated. It is possible to develop these skills by understanding communication principles and usage.

Body language also plays a role and a leader's positive attitude can go a long way in driving the team towards success.

Talking a lot is not a sign of successful communication. How the message is received is more important than what was said. 

Without a connection between a leader and his team communication will fail 
almost every time.

Check out E.G Sebastian's book on Communication Skills.

Organizational skills

This skill is very important as this is where time, team and targets meet in order to achieve everyone's goals. 

A leader must know how to do something and more important when to do it. Timing can make a big difference in the outcome of an action.

Organizational skills keep the team together and on the path to success.

People Skills

Leaders are nothing without the people that surround them. 

A real leader will know each person's strength and how to utilize it for the benefit of the team and the organization.

The way a leader treats people will determine the organizational culture and the health of relations that form the basis of such a culture.

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