How motivation killers affect productivity

Identify motivation killers

Motivation killers in the workplace

Motivation killers are the main reason for low productivity in an organization. 

Many senior managers do not recognize this as a threat and therefore does not deal with it before it is too late. 

Only once productivity reach the lowest level does management react but they are not always sure what was the cause.

A good manager will recognize motivation killers and immediately take counteraction to prevent it from interfering with the organization's productivity. 

Some of the most common motivation killers you will find in the workplace are:

  • Poor communication between different levels of authority 
  • Lack of training and self-development within the organization 
  • No loyalty towards common organizational goals 
  • Toxic co-workers infecting the workplace with negativity 
  • Autocratic management styles 
  • Lack of growth within the organization for certain individuals 
  • No reward for achievement but quick rebuke minor mistakes 

The effect of Motivation Killers on productivity

The most common of the lot is the autocratic management style practiced by a lot of Senior Management. This creates an environment where everybody reacts only to instruction and no initiative to innovate and grow the organization is common among workers. 

Motivation and the drive for positive attitude within the organization come from the top level down and therefore in conditions like this there is no easy return to normality.

Toxic workers in the workplace with a negative attitude is the second most common reason for low productivity and lack of motivation. 

These workers very quickly look for allies and if conditions are toxic already allies can be found quickly. 

Management must address these issues as soon as it is noticed or it will affect the organization as a whole.

Most people work to better themselves and provide for their families. In a work environment where these goals cannot be achieved it soon turns into a motivation killer. 

It is the duty of the organization to ensure that their workers are constantly developed or they will soon depart but not before they negatively affect productivity. 

It is that also the duty of the employer to ensure that all of their employees are aware of the common goal organization. Not doing this will lead to a fractured team with no motivation to achieve these goals.

Poor communication between the different levels of an organization can make certain employees fell left out which in turn will affect their productivity. 

There is a reason for organizations to have structures in place and if not used correctly it will become a motivational killer for those affected.

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