What you should know before recruiting a new employee

Finding the right employee
Finding the right employee fit
Most organizations dive into recruiting employees without giving the process much thought. To ensure a successful and productive employee it is necessary to lay out the route map that will bring you there.


First of all you have to be sure that recruitment is the only option. So often haste make us overlook alternative options.
Just ask yourself some practical questions about the task.

  • What is it that we need done?
  • Is it a task that will always be there?
  • Who else can do this?
  • Is the task actually essential to the process?
  • Does the task contribute to the turnover of the company?
  • Can the person add value to processes in the company?
  • Will the employee always have enough to do to be productive?
  • If not, what other value adding tasks can be added?

 HOW CAN THE COMPANY HELP...............

Remember recruiting and employing new employees also brings more responsibility onto the employer. You should always also ask question about the company role.
  • Can we provide job security for another employee?
  • How do we need this role to fit into the organizational structure?
  • Do we have the resources to coach and develop an employee in this role?
  • With what we are offering can we retain the employee's services?
  • What kind of personality does the company need in order to ensure growth in the particular position?
  • Does the company have to apply other new resources to support the job function and is it affordable?
Failing in recognizing the basic needs will definitely lead to failure of the process or the employee. Only yourself is to blame although it will be the employee who would probably be blamed.

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