Secrets of getting more productivity out of your employees

productivity improvement

If we look at high performing organizations it is clear that they are the ones that are employee focused. Many of these organizations have long ago realized that their biggest asset is their employees and it is a guaranteed return on their investment.

Attempts to increase productivity ranged from extreme extravagance where it could be afforded to the simple things that matter the most for the average man on the street.

buy leadership booksThe majority of employees have the same basic needs 

  • Job security
  • A decent standard of living
  • A roof over their heads
  • The well being of their family
  • Education of their children
  • Comfort during retirement

These needs typify the reason why people work and successful organizations managed to recognize it. To see an immediate improvement in productivity

........apply some basics

  • Set clear key performance areas and expected outcomes from the onset
  • Train employees continuously on all aspects of the business from day one to the end of time
  • Measure employee performance and give feedback on a regular basis.
  • Praise and reward outstanding achievements
  • Pay them above average and put in place incentive schemes
  • Allow enough breaks during work for social interaction
  • Respect and honor employees time with their families and allow them to disconnect from work activities after hours
  • Where possible allocate allowances for housing
  • Ensure that staff and their families are covered by good health insurance
  • Offer bursaries or reward good performance with payment of tuition fees
  • Have a well rewarding provident or pension fund in place for when they have finished giving you years of productivity and made you millions.

Question: How do you improve your own productivity?

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