Employee resistance reduces productivity

creating a toxic workplace

What are the signs of employee resistance?

Every workplace will have at least one staff member who believes resistance is the answer to avoiding new experiences and change brought into the organization. Very popular signs that can go unnoticed if management is not alert will include some or all of these:

  • Increased absenteeism
  • Unproductive by purposely underperforming
  • Failed communication and initiator of gossip
  • Non-participation in projects and common social activity
  • No motivation to maintain own performance level
  • Undermining of superiors authority and other staff who seems to be more motivated and productive 

What causes employee resistance?

There are only one reason employees will resist and that is an effort to change to their current environment. 

There are basically two types of changes which can be divided into technical change and social change.

The technical change includes organizational, process or product changes that the employee feels are not favorable to the organization. 

It might also be that the employee can see no benefit for himself in the change. 

Other employees are just content with what they have and being happy to maintain the status quo for the rest of their life.

Social change comes in the form of personal problems away from work, the appointment of new employees, management changes or even something as small as working hour changes. 

Any situation where the employees feel the freedom to act differently from what they are used to will cause resistance.

How does it affect productivity?

As productivity is the equation if input versus output it can be very damaging for the company. 

If not detected and stopped in the early stages it can cause the downfall of your organization. Productivity is affected by

  • Losing revenue through poor performance
  • Lowering of standards expected
  • Poisoning of workforce morale
  • Failure to implement new strategies successfully
  • Loss of customer who will sense instability

As already stated it can sink your organization and the only way to prevent it is to constantly motivate employees in order to create a positive team who will be more receptive to change. 

This is where positive communication plays a very important role. 

A negative person will not succeed in a positive team.  

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