Employee Loyalty, Productivity, and Commitment (in 30 Seconds)

Loyalty and productivity of employees


There are so many viewpoints regarding employee loyalty and what it means. The only true fact is that very few organization today are trying to cultivate employee loyalty. The need is not seen as a priority due to a job market that is flooded with potential applicants.

Over the last thirty years or so there were a couple of changes in the way that employees view loyalty to their company. The invention of terms such as “downsizing”, ”retrenchment”, ”restructuring” and other similar business processes suddenly started posing a threat to employee job security.

The business also became more profit-driven (greedy) and unfortunately, loyalty and greed do not share the same roots. Employee perception of loyalty changed to wherever he can obtain and maintain the standard of living that suits personal conditions at that specific time. Employers view loyalty as unconditional, no questions asked supply of labor and knowledge.


Employee productivity is sometimes perceived as how hard a certain individual is working. The most productive person in an organization is the one that extracts the most value for the least effort. Unfortunately, most managers believe no visual signs of work-related movement means no productivity.


Employee commitment comes when the employee bought into the company goals with heart and soul. Such employees will be more productive and less resistant to changes in the workplace for as long as there is a correlation between what is happening and the overall goals he is striving for.

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