Employee Loyalty, Productivity, and Commitment (in 30 Seconds)

employee productivity

Operating with a productive team that is engaged with success

One way of ensuring that productivity always plays a key role in your organization is to have the right people supporting you.

It is one of the most difficult tasks you as a manager will come across in your working career. Without the right support, it will be difficult to maintain control while trying to execute the simplest of tasks.

One way of ensuring effective teamwork is to have the three pillars of a well-engaged team in place. These are loyalty, productivity, and commitment.

The Importance of Team Loyalty

There are so many viewpoints regarding employee loyalty and what it means. The only true fact is that very few organization today are trying to cultivate employee loyalty. The need is not seen as a priority due to a job market that is flooded with potential applicants.

Over the last thirty years or so there were a couple of changes in the way that employees view loyalty to their company. The invention of terms such as “downsizing”, ”retrenchment”, ”restructuring” and other similar business processes suddenly started posing a threat to employee job security.

Businesses also became more profit-driven (greedy) and unfortunately, loyalty and greed do not share the same roots. Employee perception of loyalty changed to wherever he can obtain and maintain the standard of living that suits personal conditions at that specific time. Employers view loyalty as unconditional, no questions asked supply of labor and knowledge.

The Role of Productivity in a Team

Employee productivity is sometimes perceived as how hard a certain individual is working. The most productive person in an organization is the one that extracts the most value for the least effort. Unfortunately, most managers believe no visual signs of work-related movement means no productivity.

Productivity is the motion that is created to run and maintain all of your work processes to the maximum value. Where there is a lack of productivity it is almost certain that processes will fail and leadership will suffer to maintain efficiencies.

Productivity is also the key to profitability and cost control. If your productivity is not in control your costs will spiral out of control and your team will find it difficult to remain committed to your long-term goals.

Employee Engagement and Commitment

Employee commitment comes when the employee bought into the company goals with heart and soul. Such employees will be more productive and less resistant to changes in the workplace for as long as there is a correlation between what is happening and the overall goals he is striving for.

By being committed like this the employee becomes engaged in the important process of striving to achieve long-term goals instead of being a flash performer who focuses only on daily tasks.


In order for productivity to work for your business, you will need to have full employee commitment and loyalty as the basis of your support.

Question: How will you get your employee committed the long-term strategy of the business?

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