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Make Money Online $500 Per Day by Atul Kumar. $37.00 from Smashwords.com
This ebook is one of the best online earning concept ebooks to earn money online without any investment. If someone is crazy to make a big amount and earn a lot of money, this is the best ebook for it. Fully explained concept step by step to make easier to understand.

Writing As a Team Sport
 by Kevin J Anderson. $5.99 from Smashwords.com
Writing partnerships can produce a remarkable synergy to create work, unlike anything the individual authors could do alone. On the other hand, unsuccessful collaboration can be disastrous. Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta have worked on numerous collaborative projects. This in-depth book describes techniques that will suit any sort of collaborative team.

The Ultimate Side Hustle for Word Geeks by Dorothy Pouch. $6.99 from Smashwords.com
A cheap and worthy resource for today's freelance linguist or anyone who works with words

How to Get Started Making Money with an Online Business by nicholas, Sr. $5.95 from Smashwords.com
How to Get Started Making Money with an Online Business Looking to Start an Online Business Here is your blueprint to get your online business started. It’s based on years of working with small and medium sized business owners that have found success on the Internet.

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