Communication in the workplace

The first eBook published

Communication skills for the workplace eBook

The good news is that I have eventually got it together and put my first eBook out on the wide web. Now the work starts to get it noticed and hopefully get some income out of it. I also have a feeling it is the first of many to follow

After browsing the web I realized there are not many eBooks focusing on productivity in the workplace so I will try and fill that gap in small chunks until I can do the big one. So many of our daily actions in the workplace we see as normal but put a bit of structure and logic to it we come to realize we picked up the skills along the way without knowing.

Communication in the workplace

This is exactly what the book is about. Communication in the workplace is one of the most aspects of your workday. Taking some of my experience and putting logic to it for others to absorb and hopefully benefit from it. At the same time, I can enjoy writing while listening to some good music.

I found I am in a productive mood when listening to my 70's albums and it also prevents writer's block. It must be the creative writing that was going on in that era that is inspiring.

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