The Myth of Hard Work

Does profiteering affect productivity

It feels like I can start this blog with the words "A long long time ago". Those days everyone grew up having drilled into them that hard work never killed anyone. What went wrong and where? Today more people are killed by hard work than in war. Those productivity pioneers are the last of the hardworking class.

What happened to productivity?

For the last forty years or so we've been working hard at achieving maximum productivity and zero defects. Through hard work, we refined processes and reinvented the wheel to such an extent that we no longer need to work hard. Work smarter, not harder was the suggestion and here we are. Now we have the dilemma of increasing productivity without working hard and we don't know how else to do it.

How will we do it from here on?

So what are the new trends? Developing technology to do the same thing does make it look smarter but does it contribute to employee productivity? I asked the question long ago on one of my supply chain forums and every answer came back by applying some form of technology.

The new school reinvents 

Profiteering has largely taken over while the quest for productivity has taken a backseat. The new age profiteers are back to the old thinking of productivity equals hard work. No longer do they strive for doing things smarter but rather expect employees to work harder to achieve profits. The new targets are not measured in units anymore but in monetary value.

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