Pause and refresh for increased productivity

Productivity of your team

My staff is not focusing all the time

That is a complaint you always hear from someone that doesn't understand the mechanics of human behavior and productivity. 

It would be very difficult for an employee to be focused for the whole eight or nine hours a day. If it seems that the employee manages to do it you will find productivity is not on par with what you are visually observing.

Constant focusing without distraction will
  • Strain employee mentally
  • Leave employee physically tired
  • Lower productivity as the day goes on
  • Increase chances of mistakes
  • Increased chances of employee absenteeism

Carry on don't stop

How long can employees maintain high productivity levels before burning out?  With other external factors contributing to increased stress levels at work, it is becoming more difficult to maintain the focus on productivity. 

At some point, the negative productivity will start affecting your operations and also affect the productivity of other employees. If you are expecting 365 days of productivity you are the one that must work harder to maintain it.

How can I prevent productivity burnout?


By knowing your employees you will know when their productivity is below par. Most of the time there is not much you can do to change external influences. At work, however, you are the only one that can take lead and refocus employees in a way to increase productivity. 

Some ways of achieving this are
  • Personal counseling
  • Training workshops
  • Team building activities
  • Mini-projects
In other words, take the employee's mind of negative influences and keep them busy with activities that require positive action. These activities also break the monotony of everyday routine. This should bring the employee back to normal activity with a more positive outlook.

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