5 Things you should know about new recruits

5 Things you should know about new recruits
1. They will seem at least 25% more efficient than they really are. Only after the first three months can a new recruit be assessed. It is proven that most recruits will settle into the new environment between 3 to 6 months. It is for this reason that 3 month probation periods will fail 90% of the time.

2. Most applicants will be desperate but it doesn't mean they have to accept substandard offers. Those accepting less than reasonable must be expected not to hang around too long.

3. A new recruit will always believe his last organization was better, bigger and more rewarding. That is why you are recruiting them - for the knowledge and the experience they can bring with them. If after six months he still thinks his last place of employment were better he is either not as competent as suggested during recruitment or he is probably spending most of his day planning his exit plan.

4. A new recruit will assess his new environment within the first hour of starting and the perception of what the recruit has let himself in for will be shaped right there and now. That is why new recruits are better kept busy with induction and organizational briefing.

5. In the first month the new recruit will try and reorganize the whole organization to replicate his last place of employment. If it's good or bad will depend on his last company or the reason you have employed him for.

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