Does Money Motivate Staff?

money as a motivator

Facing reality you should realize that in the times we are operating the lifespan of everything have shrunk and almost everything we do is temporary.

Changing lifestyles and personal habits were more or less forced upon people through media and business pressure. 

These changes initiated the human’s need for short-lived but satisfying results so why not demand short-term pacification through money awards?

The answer, unfortunately, will always be yes, yes, yes!!!

No matter how many and how much people will argue against this as a motivating agent, money makes the world go around and due to the human’s inability to control their greed, money will always be in demand. 

It is not only the business that needs to make money but the employees working there also needs money to ensure an affordable lifestyle.

Many people will have all sorts of arguments against money as a motivator such as:

  • It is only a temporary pacifier
  • Employees will keep demanding more money
  • People prefer job security
  • People prefer other compensation such as time off

    Why do employees always ask for more money then?

    It is fairly logical that employees will continue asking for money as a motivator because work demand increases continually and there is often no long-term guarantee that goals will remain reasonable. 

    The cost of living rises daily and employees must also keep up with the same demand to survive than business does.

    People prefer job security above money and this can be the strongest counteraction of employers. 

    The only problem is that there are very few organizations operating today that can guarantee its employees long-term job security. 
    Changing demands and disloyalty between business partners makes it impossible to form long-term strategies. 

    Employees know that employment offers no security but money can cover up for what you can lose. In other words, milk the cow before she dries up.

    Why do other forms of compensation wear off so quick?

    Other forms of compensation are half-heartedly accepted by employees because no landlord will take payment in minutes, the vehicle that takes you to work does not run on seconds and your tummy will not digest hours too well. With the available bouquet of leave offered by law, most employees will extract their free time from there anyway. 
    Sick leave is well abused to cover up for the time needed off. 

    Time off will most likely have a negative effect on business processes if not monitored well.

    In the past, motivation was focused on company vehicles, subsidized housing, payment for studies, medical and pension benefits. 

    With the taxes placed on these perks, it has become more of a liability than a reward and money still triumph as the only real motivator.

    Question: What would motivate you with long-term results?

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