Team Development and Coaching for Managers

Where does team development start?

It is the task of the manager to get his team performing to and above standards. Many managers believe that end results are the only measure of a successful team and their ability to lead.

This is untrue as there are many units achieving success due to individual effort within the group and then there are other teams seen as very successful but not achieving much in reality.
There is a major shift in business and organizations are no longer depending on a superman type CEO to lead the business. Instead, more emphasis is placed on the development of individuals who can focus on specific aspects of the business unit.

This filters down to the lower levels of management where the manager is now doing what he is supposed to be doing namely:

  • Monitor
  • Guide 
  • Report 
  • Coach 
  • Rectify

    How well the manager can develop his employees depend on various factors of which some is out of your control as a manager. These factors can include:

    • Management experience.
    • Manager’s willingness to share knowledge.
    • The ability of staff to be developed.
    • The purpose of development.
    • Organizational support to the coaching manager.

    For a manager to coach, he must have good experience in identifying the team's needs and evaluating the progress of the individuals.

    He also must have the correct knowledge to share and be willing to part with it. Many managers would not coach their staff because of the belief that their knowledge is the only thing that separates them from their subordinates. Sadly the ability to lead is what makes the difference.

    It is also true that staff must be able to be coached. Anybody can be coached only to a certain level and it is up to the manager to identify needs and required skill levels when recruiting his team.

    For people to accept coaching there must be a visible goal or purpose at the end of the process such as coaching all team members to one day perform their tasks with minimum instruction and maximum trust.

    Who is the key to team development?

    Very important in the process are that the organization must encourage the development of staff and the fact that their management is the coaches.

    Too many organizations presume that employing someone with experience clinch the whole package but unfortunately no two companies operate in the same manner.

    I’ve moved through 8 companies in the last 33 years and each one of them was completely different. I still learn from scratch every time I start a new position. This is evident when looking at the change in processes, values, people and social behavior.

    There is no magic winning recipe for creating a high-performance team but the combination of the following processes is critical for survival: 

    • Focused and purpose build recruitment of individuals to fit organizational goals and vision.
    • The setting of achievable goals for the team as a whole.
    • Develop and coach with the goal to expand knowledge of all members of the unit.
    • Constant feedback on achievements and goals.

    Do you believe when appointing someone new they must come "Ready Made"?

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