It is time to think inside the box

Innovation can be inside the box

Is thinking outside the box the norm?

Thinking inside the box until a few years ago was taboo and instead, the new "clever" thought for managers who were looking for answers was "think outside the box". If you were unable to think outside the box you were shunned and almost never had the opportunity to advance further in your career.

Came the technology boom and the "outside the box thinking" was presumed to be the cause of so many individuals becoming overnight millionaires. This thought process was then labelled innovation.

Innovation is as old as the mountains and nothing new. With the bubble bursting on Silicon Valley we suddenly came to realize that thinking inside the box is not always a bad idea.

Think about it carefully and you realize you have looked outside the box too often over the past years while packing all your goods inside the box. It is like opening a bank account and then watching your neighbour grow rich without paying attention to your own investment potential.

When things start to go wrong in business the same people looking outside the box are very quick and eager to jump inside the box and make changes. Outside the box then becomes what it was intended to be - a dream. In most cases, a bad dream as most fails in pursuing the out the box thinking.

Most owners and CEO's does not realize that out the box thinking comes at a price tag that most cannot afford. Ask anyone to define what out the box thinking is and no one will be giving an answer that typically describes it. Basically out the box thinking means
  • To be innovative beyond reality 
  • Make changes so radical that everything you have ever done changes 100% 
  • Daring to do what everyone else was afraid to even try 
Looking at it this way most will realize that they cannot afford the risk and probably cannot afford it financially to think out of the box. In other words, if you can't walk the walk don't talk the talk.


More success can be achieved by thinking in the box. You have everything here that you need to be innovative and build a successful business. Innovation is taking the current and improving on it in so many ways that you can reap profit and acknowledgement from achieving your goals.

Working with what you have placed everyone on the same page and only your leadership and creative thinking will determine the outcome. And of course, you must put your money where your mouth is. Innovation does not come cheap otherwise everyone would be leaders in their field due to their innovative spirit.

Being innovative inside the box can create the image that your organization is leaders in the field of thinking outside the box. Keeping the competition outside the box will ensure your own prosperity and keep your dreams alive for a long time coming.

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