Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Leadership for Productivity

how to be a leader that leads by example


Leadership does come naturally for some but most managers must work very hard to obtain true leadership skills for the workplace. 

Those who are born leaders often lose focus on their abilities if they do not put it into practice the way it should be. This is when you become just another “boss”. It is said that great leaders are born through great followers.

Therefore to be a great leader you don’t have to convince yourself or your superiors but through action provide the leadership your followers are looking for.

In order to be the leader of your unit, it is essential to develop people skills. No two employees are the same or need the same effort in the day to day management. To do this you must know your people, their abilities, and their expectations.


The two main characteristics of a good leader are:

Trust instils a sense of belief and acceptance within a team. Remember that you are being constantly evaluated by your team and your every move is being analyzed.

This can be a good thing and count in your favour if you portray a positive attitude. People tend to be more accepting of communication if you set an example through your behaviour.

To set your standards and not move the goalposts around as you wish to cover incompetence will build trust within the unit.


Communication is the most essential part of leadership and not all are verbal. Your actions and the way you handle a certain situation will be absorbed within the team and requires no instruction.

Verbal communication of a leader focus on the goals and standards required to achieve your company vision and mission. Leaving your team in the dark will not get them to follow you.

There are many principals involved in leadership but in general, the following five is the core of it:

  • Know yourself, your abilities and always work on self-improvement 
  • Take responsibility for your actions 
  • Communicate with your people in a way they can identify themselves with the topic 
  • Set the example 
  • Build your unit into a functioning team 
A thing that goes a long way towards being recognized as a real leader is recognizing the achievements as much as the poor performance.

So many managers make haste when finding a problem but hardly ever praise achievement. Anyone appreciates to hear the words “Well done”, “Good job” and “I appreciate it”.

Most of the places I have been employed in my life the so-called leader will never utter those words believing it will make him look soft.

A true leader will install his beliefs and values on a team which should include the words "Please" and "Thank You".

Remember you are only as strong as your weakest link and if poor leadership is that link you will not succeed in management.

You will become a “corporate firefighter” that kills one fire after the other with no sense of direction.

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