Who wants to be a manager?

People Management

What does it take to be a manager?

Being a manager is easy. This is the perception of many a worker whatever industry you’re in. And they are right.

Being a manager means you can solve problems, look for innovative ideas to improve the business and daily broaden your knowledge. If you work for 50 years you will never learn everything there is in your line of business. Being a manager is one of the most exciting positions you will hold. You have the joy of satisfying the directors while keeping your subordinates entertained.

Everybody wants to be a manager but is it possible?
This is a good question and there are hundreds of definitions of what is a manager. Summarised the definition can be something like this:  

  • A leader of people 
  • Managing processes to extract maximum value 
  • Manages constant change without losing focus 
  • Develop and guide new strategies 
  • Encourage people to grow themselves 
  • Measure and monitor success and failure alike
Most people can be a manager if given the opportunity. If they are going to be successful or not depends on many other factors such as:
  • The condition under which the opportunity exists.
  • The mentoring and guidance he receives.
  • The individual's own mental and physical strength.
  • The balance between authority and responsibility.

There are many other opinions and points that can be added here but the above list will give you a good idea.

How do I become a manager?

Some people land in a leadership role at an early age due to peer pressure or as a result of cosmetically created opportunities. This creates the perception of the individual that he is a born leader. This is not always true and this kind of individual fails often under real pressure. They also develop a tendency of not working too hard at being a leader.

The early 80's and 90's in South Africa was the transformation years for how and who manages people. Unfortunately, nobody knew how to deal with this and we are now reaping the product of bad appointments and we are still not getting back to the basics. It seems that no-one remembers what the basics are.

Some follow the route of obtaining academical qualifications to get them into a managerial position. This does not always work because being a leader you can't learn from any institution. Being a leader comes from experience and learning from your mistakes.

To become and remain a true leader requires hard work throughout your career.

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